How to join

If you own a large calibre rifle such as 50BMG, 338, 408 or 416 rifle for target shooting then you should be shooting it competitively, so why not join up? We have set individual membership fees at the bargain price of only £80 for full membership per annum. Serving members of the armed forces with a valid MOD 90 are entitled to a 50% discount (please send copy of the card to get your discount, after validation the copy will be deleted). Family membership rates are also available at £25 per additional family member, this price is only valid for those living at the same address.

If you don't own a large calibre rifle, but simply want to try one, then you've sadly come to the wrong place, we are competitive target shooters and have no provision for Walter Mitty characters..  Those wanting to try out a rifle "as seen on TV" would be better visiting the US for the experience.

We DO NOT accept applications from non FAC holders. That said, we always look favourably on new applicants who are already members of their 'local' rifle club and have several years experience of small bore or centre fire target shooting under their belt. We would advise any prospective new member to gain a suitable level of competence and safety training prior to joining the FCSA UK.

There are strict controls in place to help ensure that anyone who is prohibited from handling a firearm cannot do so, as such prospective members details will be passed onto the police for background checks.

All prospective new members MUST attend at least 2 guest days and introduce yourself to the Range Conducting Officer and club officials. Please read the section on 'guests' below for more information. This is a private club, as such we reserve the right to decline a membership request - without providing any reason.

New members, with an FAC will join as probationary members for period of at least 3 months from the date of membership card issue, this is solely to assess attitude, safety, commitment and competency.  We expect all new members to attend at least three times in 3 months (or a longer period not exceeding 9 months if desired), at which point, and assuming everything is in order, the probationary status gets automatically lifted for that member on the club database.

This is a non profit making club, all surplus funds are invested back into the club facilities. Range fees are payable on the day of the range booking for all those in attendance, currently £15 for members and £30 for visitors & guests.

If you would like an application form then please contact the secretary via the Contacts page. However if you want to speed the whole process up then please email first as you can do this application process online. (FAC holders only please). If you are requesting membership then its always a good idea to also send us a brief resume, outlining your interests and general experience with firearms.



Membership rates (per annum)

Full member £80 (+£20 joining fee for new members)

Full time serving armed forces* with MOD90 £40

Family member at same address as a full member £25

Family member not at same address £50


*The armed forces discount does not apply to reservists, TA, or ex-military.


Guests and visitors 

  1. If you do not hold a valid FAC they you cannot attend our shoots, unless you visit as a pre-arranged group which meet the following criteria: Current serving UK military, Emergency Services, Scouts or member of a similar recognised organisation.
  2. If you are currently in possession of a valid FAC and would like to attend one of our shoots then you need to request permission to attend from the club Chairman or Secretary, and then register for the shoot using the online form. We will send instructions and you will have to pass a basic security check, this may require you to email a digital scan or photograph of page 1 of your FAC to the club chairman. The membership database will be updated and the copy will then be immediately deleted.


Who to contact

For all membership enquiries please contact the club secretary Darren via the contact page

For competitions, legal matters, Home Office, MOD and Landmarc enquirers, please contact the Chairman via the contact page

If you have not been receiving e-mails from the FCSA then please send your name, membership number and new e-mail address to the Chairman without delay so that we can update our records. 


New format membership cards 

As of the 1st July 2015 we issued new hard plastic credit card style membership cards to all members. These cards last for 12 months, previous paper/card membership cards are no longer valid. RCOs will inspect each and every membership card at every range booking, failure to show a valid membership card will result in immediate ejection from the range.


Renewals - IMPORTANT!

The FCSA (UK) Club year runs from 1st July to the 30th June, therefore, membership renewal is due from July onwards, unless you have paid in advance.  If you join before July then you simply pay the equivalent pro-rata amount, you will be advised of the exact amount during the application process.

Renewal is done via this website - please visit the secure 'members' section.  If you are late in renewing and use the FSCA as your primary club then please get in touch ASAP.

Completion of the electronic renewal form is very important, as it keeps your details up to date, especially now with the MOD Safe Shooter Competency Certificates. If you have been certified by this club and not renewed your membership, we can’t issue a new or replacement certificate. After issue, the Certificate will become invalid should you cease to be a member of FCSA (UK).

Also, please bear in mind that we have to inform your Firearms Licensing Department of any member that fails to renew that has declared the FCSA UK as their primary club, or have used the FCSA as a justification for a particular rifle calibre rifle, sorry - its not our rules, its a Home Office requirement.