The following suppliers have worked hard to provide high quality large calibre equipment and components to the UK shooter, making what was once obscure a standard shelf item. 


Extreme Performance ammunition , AKA Bernie Montana, primary sponsors of our World Championships Raton team 2014, 2015 and 2016, providing CNC turned precision projectiles and other essential components at zero cost to the UK competitors.

Bernie has a large number of 50BMG and .338 LapMag rifles in stock, including Fortmeier and Steyr 50cal rifles, and a new Fortmeier TTRS model is now available.  




SCOTT COUNTRY Suppliers of Night vision equipment and the fantastic and affordable new SIG Kilo 2000 range finders, as used by the FCSA (UK), perfect for those non reflective targets up to 1500 yards, and reflective at 3400 yards.




Figure 14 Ltd is the premier approved UK dealer for both THOR and EDM rifles.  Be it the iconic THOR M408 in 408 Cheytac or the superb EDM Windrunner M96 in 50BMG, Figure 14 can meet all of your ultra long distance requirements. Multi calibre variations are also available in 375 Cheytac and 338 Lapua Magnum.  

Figure 14 also supply the TRSA rifle from THOR and the exciting new BR10 from McRees Precision, both in 308 Winchester.  For more information contact John Mason via his website, or alternatively find him at one of our Sennybridge F range days!